How Do I Know If My Girlfriend Is A Virgin?

How do I know if my girlfriend is a virgin? This question that I get asked often is one of life’s big questions. You see, when you meet a woman for the first time and you ask her how she feels about her virginity or her boyfriends, you are putting yourself at great risk. There has been much debate on whether or not women really want to be with a man who isn’t virginal. Many women say yes, they do but most men don’t admit it and this can create problems in a long term relationship if the woman decides to take her choice out on the man.

Mature escorts suggested, that so how do I know if my girlfriend is a virgin? The best way to do this is by taking her out to dinner and having a few drinks. If she orders a drink that she knows you aren’t going to buy, chances are good she is lying to you. Of course this doesn’t work when you are with a woman you are really in love with, but if you are just meeting her to talk to her friends then you can just order a drink without mentioning it to her face. This way she won’t have a reason to lie to you about her intentions.

Ask her how she feels about having sex before you ask her if she wants to get intimate. This way you are both on the same page. You don’t want to come across as being too needy because a woman doesn’t want that in her relationship. She will also want to feel as though she is important and desirable because that is a key element of any relationship.

Get her to tell you about her day. A girl will never be able to fake excitement if she is forced to do so. You can start by asking her what she did for the day. If she was busy being a good mom then you could ask her how she treated her kids and whether she was able to meet any important people. If she didn’t want to talk about any particular subjects then all you have to do is bring up the subject of sex. The more comfortable she gets with it the better chance you have of convincing her to jump into the sack with you.

If she says no, then you should tell your girlfriend that you can “just” sleep with her and there won’t be anything else between you two. This will make her happy and you will get some valuable point in the conversation. In fact the whole conversation should turn into a game of whether or not she wants to “just” have sex and if she doesn’t then you will know she isn’t the type to settle down with you. She will probably tell you that she just wants to find out if you are as exciting as she imagines you to be so she can come back to you.

How do I know if my girlfriend is a virgin? It’s easy. Just ask her. And if she wants to give you one of those nights you will never forget, you could even propose to her and if she agrees then you have found the woman you would be married to.

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